Nome – The City of Noah

DSCF0147 DSCF0150Nome which I had renamed the City of Noah because it is always raining and he must have started from here, enjoyed a day without rain yesterday (except when I got onto a kindly lent 4 wheeler (quad bike to Europeans) to go somewhere.

So we got the sails on, except for the mainsail which is an ‘ongoing project’ with the guy who has had it all the winter for repair!

One of the advantages of having ‘ladies’ in the crew is that this one at least fell to to cleaning up the galley after three years of exclusive male use. Even scrubbed out the drawers etc. Important note: include ladies in the crew.

A large yacht has arrved from Kodiak also intending to traverse the NW Passage. There is a rumour they might give us a drink – we are a ‘dry’ boat as the skipper and mate of the tug boat in Tuktoyaktuk last year who were very kind to us came aboard in Tuk and, with the hearty help of my South Africans who had finished climbing by then, drank us dry – they spend the summer without alcohol as they are not allowed it aboard…

Hey windy but no rain yet today – this must be a record…

2 thoughts on “Nome – The City of Noah

  1. Don McIntyre

    Met Stephanie C. while playing music in Anchorage- hope to see you at the Top of the World, Barrow!


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