A Difficult Passage Thus Far….

A Message From The Captain…

This is proving a difficult passage this year. So far we have had an engine crisis and and an anchor winch crisis, both resolved be Rich who is fast becoming our Mr. Fixit with his vast experience of boats. But the real issue is that we are trapped in a cycle of northerly winds, coming from where we want to go, namely Point Barrow, the north westerly tip of Alaska. Also the ice has not yet opened up properly this year up there and there is only a narrow channel along the North Alaskan slope.

A cruise in the Aleutians to the south sound a very good idea!  My crew would shoot me!

2 thoughts on “A Difficult Passage Thus Far….

  1. cristina

    bob…. what are you doing??? go on …. I’m sure you will pass, as always
    we are , from very different places, with you

    cristina and everybody on Billy Budd


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