Taking Shelter just North of the Bering Strait

Life is difficult at the moment! We have been stuck for over a week sheltering from strong northerly winds, anchored off the south shore of Point Hope north of the Bering Strait, unable to make progress north. Also the ice up north is not particularly good. And time marches on in the short arctic summer. So all a balancing act at the moment.

Crew are patiently waiting and still keen ‘to go’. I am just slightly concerned that if we get north and there is too much ice, how do we get back if wind has gone southerly!

But a nice break. Balthazar a boat we met last summer and who wintered before the end of the Passage at Lnuvik down the Mackenzie River came round the corner two nights ago on their way south. We have enjoyed Craik together and a pot luck supper together on their boat last night. Great to see them.

We are hoping to move north at the beginning of next week….

1 thought on “Taking Shelter just North of the Bering Strait

  1. empiricusembarks

    Bob! We left a drum of fuel for you in Hershel. The winds will change and you will go I’m sure. The word is, that the East end is plugged up as well. Its a bad ice year everywhere it seems. I hope Morale stays high and the engine strong. Try to enjoy the process and stay safe!


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