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Wild Bunch arrive in Aasiaat …

Wild Bunch arrive in Aasiaat today! I have spent a month preparing the boat,and doing a small repair after a winter storm, ready for their coming. The aim is to go across to Baffin for some big walls but first we must wait for the ice in Baffin Bay to clear so we can get across. So some walls in Uummananq Fjord perhaps.

Just off to London for the Book Launch party of my book ‘Addicted to Adventure’. Should be fun.  The Wild Bunch meantime are driving 1000k to AaImagelborg Denmark to get the crate with food and their climbing gear shipped to Greenland for our forthcoming proposed expedition to Greenland and Baffin. 

Much looking forward to having them on the boat again


London, Yachtsman of the Year Award 2014Winner Bob Shepton© Kathy Mansfield58

Yachtsman of the Year 2013 down in London in January. I was greatly honoured…

Then the Wild Bunch, that star team of Belgian/American climbers who did those magnificent big wall climbs in Greenland from the boat in 2010, are planning to come out again this year. We left the boat in Aasiaat on the west coast of Greenland after last summer; some warm up climbs in Greenland before going over to some stupendous big walls on the east coast of Baffin when the ice clears that side – which is usually later that side because of the Coriolus effect. I may have to go over to Paris and Brussels in April to help them with the singing at presentations of their latest big wall climbs, in China!

Oh by the way, my book ‘Addicted to Adventure’ is due to be published by Adlard Coles on May 8 this year. You can order your copy on Amazon already!

Leaving Prince Regent Inlet At Last !

Much relieved and thankful that we are out of Prince Regent Inlet at last. There were times when we were not sure we were going to make it. A tricky time In fact we are enjoying some down time in Arctic Bay off Admiralty Inlet now. Letting a gale pass in Lancaster Sound and restocking a little for the crossing to Greenland – hopefully. Gales forecast for Baffin Bay but at least they are in the right direction and we’ve gotta go, man. See you on the other side?

 All a bit fraught but we should be out soon


off for pot luck supper with our friends aboard Balthazar at Point Hope

Progress at last. A day or two after Balthazar left Point Hope to go south the northerlies at last relented and we are out at sea making for Point Barrow in the north as fast as possible – which means mainly on engine there being hardly any wind. As usual in the Arctic, there is either too much wind or too little.

But we are not complaining. Of course all is not settled yet, we are going up north to see whether the ice will let us through….hopefully we shall report back after we have collected more diesel at Barrow and got round the corner (if we get round the corner…)