Nome – The City of Noah

DSCF0147 DSCF0150Nome which I had renamed the City of Noah because it is always raining and he must have started from here, enjoyed a day without rain yesterday (except when I got onto a kindly lent 4 wheeler (quad bike to Europeans) to go somewhere.

So we got the sails on, except for the mainsail which is an ‘ongoing project’ with the guy who has had it all the winter for repair!

One of the advantages of having ‘ladies’ in the crew is that this one at least fell to to cleaning up the galley after three years of exclusive male use. Even scrubbed out the drawers etc. Important note: include ladies in the crew.

A large yacht has arrved from Kodiak also intending to traverse the NW Passage. There is a rumour they might give us a drink – we are a ‘dry’ boat as the skipper and mate of the tug boat in Tuktoyaktuk last year who were very kind to us came aboard in Tuk and, with the hearty help of my South Africans who had finished climbing by then, drank us dry – they spend the summer without alcohol as they are not allowed it aboard…

Hey windy but no rain yet today – this must be a record…


The boat is launched ….

Miracles never cease! Thank you for your support! The boat is at last launched – what a drama that was – and the engine started, so we are afloat. Now just to get the boat tidied up and in order, and to await crew to do all the jobs needed round the boat!

Made it to San Francisco

Made it to San Francisco to son Petey, Danielle and new grandson. Tough journey – 4 a.m. start Glasgow, Charles de Gaulle airport a crowded nightmare, and no sleep on plane to San Francisco. But arrived in SF in their evening so had a good sleep overnight which means I am now tuned in to US time scale. So good after all. Shall I enter Dodo’s Delight for the Americas Cup about to take place here?! I think not – now to get to Nome. Ice conditions look better and if we can find Rolland and Phil the fisherman we may even get the boat launched…

The Arctic Madness Blog by Rev. Bob Shepton


’I hope this is not going to be the expedition that never was!
As we prepare (early June) I have just heard that there is shore-fast ice is still
stretching a mile out to sea off Nome, Alaska, where the boat is. But
ice can shift very quickly in the Arctic, and our aim is to sail back
west to east through the North West Passage. We might then be the only
boat, or at least the only GRP boat, to have sailed both ways through
the Passage. IF we make it!
I have a varied crew: Steph and Karen (ladies), Rich and David
(gentlemen). Ladies and gentlemen? Not a chance on my boat. I should
reach Nome by 27 June, to prepare and launch the boat. The crew then
come out at various times through July. The ice is unlikely to let us
start the Passage till August.
So until then….’